Hi there! Nice to see you’ve found my website.

My name is Bastien Bochmann and I’ve been fascinated by photography for over a deacde now. My first memories of photography are from sometime in the early 90ies when I was still a little kid. I had appropriated my parents point and shoot camera and snapped a film full of nonsense!

Fast forward a few years. In my late teens I was occasionally taking pictures with my parents digital point and shoot at the time and starting to discover the fun of photography.

I bought my first own camera a while later – a Canon Powershot of some sort. This was also the time when I got my driver’s licence. The timing was no coincidence.

Apart from photography, my passion has always been cars. Having a camera of my own allowed me to combine both hobbies and I started shooting my own car and those of my friends. A year later I stepped up to my first DSLR – a Canon Eos 450D. Things only grew from there and it wasn’t long until I owned my first full-frame DSLR, a Canon Eos 5D – which I actually still own today. It’s been a faithful companion over the years.

Nearly four years ago I made my first tentative steps into the world of film. By this time, I had developed a habit of buying old vintage lenses to adapt to my modern DSLR and somehow a few old SLR bodies found their way into my possession. The first few films came out better than I expected and from then on out I would shoot a roll of film very occasionally. The film bug itself only really bit hard about one and a half years ago. I started shooting more and more using film. I tried a few local labs for developing, prints and scans and with each roll I was less satisfied. I bought a scanner and started scanning my films myself. A short while later, I even dived into developing C-41 myself. Today, I am very comfortable working with film and learning new things about it every day! It’s an ongoing adventure.

This webpage aims to showcase my work, I also want to talk about photography and give some tips and share some experiences I’ve learned over the years because I enjoy sharing knowledge and also learning new things!

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